About You

Our Method Works Every Time

Our clients include top global firms across sectors, such as, financial services, IT, telecommunications, health care, pharmaceutical, not-for-profits and professional services firms. We have worked with mid-market businesses, family-owned organizations, government agencies, small charitable foundations as well as publicly-traded companies at both the headquarter, and subsidiary or division level.

When to Contact KRS

Our clients come to us for all of their critical business issues. We can handle a variety of situations because of our unique Ignition method. Ignition values you as the expert in your business and combines that with our expertise in strategy, dynamics that drive performance, and levers that drive execution - a highly effective combination.

The following is a sample list of events or situations that trigger our clients to call on us. This list applies to organizations as a whole, functions, business units and product/service lines - across industries, organization types and geographies.

  • Clarifying strategy
  • Aligning teams and organizations to execute against new strategy
  • Integration of new or current leader
  • Turnaround
  • Operational inefficiencies and deficiencies
  • Revenue and/or share price down
  • Instinct that revenues could be higher/not reaching performance potential
  • Profit plateau
  • Culture needs to align with strategic goals
  • Development of leaders